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by Robin Mahaffey

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Robin's Ride for Women™:

A Specialty Coffee Industry Professional Raises Money to Support the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, Women Build Program & the Specialty Coffee Industry Charity Grounds for Health

by Robin Mahaffey

There are no dreams that are too big or too crazy. There are only dreams that are fulfilled or unfulfilled. And the difference between fulfilled and unfulfilled is the difference between thinking and doing. Follow the progress of Robin Mahaffey on as she crosses the country along on Robin’s Ride for Women™ 2006 and fulfills one of her life dreams, helps women around the U.S. realize their dreams, and benefits two worthy charities along the way.

What is “Robin’s Ride”?
Robin’s Ride, a solo motorcycle trek across America, is one 54 year old woman’s vision and living proof that fulfilling one’s dream is possible at any age! Robin’s Ride 2006 is dedicated to helping women take control of theirs lives: to fight fear, doubt and indecision and follow their dreams. In addition to raising money for two charities, New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, Women Build program and Grounds for Health, an organization that works to detect and treat cervical cancer in coffee-growing nations through screening campaigns. (See our Coffee With Care article in this issue for more information on Grounds for Health.) Robin will be available for speaking engagements across the U.S., sharing and teaching women to overcome their fears and follow their dreams.

Who is “Robin”?
Robin is a specialty coffee and tea industry professional who left her most recent job to devote herself fulltime to this endeavor. She has been in the publishing side of the industry since 1994 as a graphic designer, art director, director of operations and an associate publisher. For the last three years she covered the sales territory for the Western half of the U.S. for Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. “I consider myself very lucky to have been involved in this wonderful industry for so long. It has given me the opportunity to travel extensively and has allowed me to meet and work with some truly incredible people.”

Robin finished her ride yesterday, October 10, 2006 and she broke her goal of 20,000 miles! Final mileage is 20,226! "This ride was has been phenominal and I met truly wonderful people where ever I went. I got off my sofa and left my home, family, friends and rode my motorcycle all across the country to raise awareness for the need to help these two charities and to raise money for them both. All I am asking everyone else to do is leave their sofas and put a dollar or more in an envelope and mail it to Robin's Ride for Women™, P O Box 2073, Bothell, WA 98041 and we can build some homes and save some lives!

Since this dream was achieved from the back of Harley Davidson motorcycle, Robin will be holding a "Black Leather Affair" auction -- a take off on the traditional "Black Tie Affair", on November 16th at Harley Davidson of Seattle in Lynnwood, WA. Tickets for the auction will be on sale in her space #1211 at Coffee Fest Seattle, October 27-29 where she will also have bid sheets available for pre-auction bidding. Please watch for details and for a list of auctions items on the Sponsor List page. The Auction will be lots of fun with dinner, live music and tons of great items to bid on just in time for Christmas! "I will have exciting video, slides and stories from my great adventure to share with all of you at the auction."

Where is Robin riding?

Robin rode 20,226 miles around the continental United States and parts of Canada on her bright red Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide, alone.

When is Robin’s Ride occurring?
Robin hit the road on June 10th, reached 10,000 miles on August 10th and returned with her final mileage to Harley Davidson of Seattle on October 14th 2006 where there was a welcome home gathering. Don't miss the great party and auction of items she has collected across the country on November 16th, 2006 at the Harley Davidson of Seattle. If you have any objects you would like to donate to this auction, please contact Robin via email or by cell at 206 612-9145.

Robin's Ride for Women™ has a website with a blog so that people can follow Robin's progress as she rode all summer long at, and find out what she's up to next. One person CAN make a difference. One person with help from their friends can change the world. "Now because I am going alone, it doesn't mean I don't need help. Even one dollar counts. Please give until it feels good."

Don’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary adventure! Companies and/or individuals interested in sponsorship or pledge opportunities may contact Robin at There will also be “Robin’s Ride for Women” logo products for sale on her site soon, to help cover costs and raise more for the charities.Personal Reasons for Why?!

I’m a 54-year “young” woman, and not in the best of shape; but they say attitude counts. I’m single (although I did put in an almost 30 year stint as a married woman) and have a 34-year-old son and two grandchildren. My son along with my parents played a big part in moving me to make this journey. A little over a year ago I saw my son go into a hospital because he was considering suicide. That was Halloween. He has since been diagnosed with the illness of Bipolar I disorder. My son is recovering well. I am very happy that he has finally been diagnosed properly and is receiving the help he needs. Not even one month after my son’s troubles came to light, my father was diagnosed with cancer all throughout his body. That was Thanksgiving. He died two weeks after Christmas with my mom and I at his side every day. Four months later I came back from my first long motorcycle run to Laughlin NV to find my mother had fallen. Having lain alone on the floor in her home for over five days she was barely alive when I found her. She passed away about 4 hours later. She fell – it seems – on my birthday. Having suffered to witness my son’s pain and to literally watch both of my parents die before my eyes in such a short span of time I was not happy with my life at all. I also saw what people in New Orleans had recently gone through and realized many of them had passed under similar circumstances as my mom. I at least still had my son and my home. This led me to take greater stock than ever in one of my favorite catch phrases, “life is short!”

When you get really truthful with yourself, you might find that there are only a few things that really make you happy. It’s usually not the things you thought would do it. Riding my motorcycle made me happy. I found that I craved the feeling of freedom it gave me when I needed. I also love adventure and meeting new people, so meeting women from different walks of life, sharing stories and learning from each other would make me happy. Taking this ride and making it count for something would make me happy. So why not just do it? I decided to waste no more time and to do the one thing that makes me happy and makes me feel free: get on my bike and ride

Apart from the reasons above, a big part of the reason that I have the courage to take this ride and to follow my dreams is through the things I have learned and the people I have met during my travels in the coffee and tea industries. They have given so much to me that I decided when I followed my dream and made this journey on my motorcycle, I would like to give back. Because everyone deserves health care and a home to live in, I would like to donate part of the proceeds of my ride to Grounds for Health and part to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, Women Build program.”

“I am dedicating this ride to all of the women who have already, have not yet or who will soon take control of their lives so they can follow their dreams. At last count there are well over 4 million lady motorcycle riders out there from all walks of life. While I am out on this great adventure I hope to meet as many women as I can, asking them what they need and would like to see and experience, not only as motorcycle riders but also as women wanting joy and fulfillment from their lives. Women should feel free to follow any dream and do so with a woman’s sense of style."


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